VMWare/VirtualBox Image for WaltzRemote

This image requires the program 7z to decompress it.

Name: waltzremote-vmware.7z
Name:    waltzremote-vmware.7z
Size:    271352345 (258 Mib)
Changed: 2023-02-16 19:41

MD5:     8577309e398e1a162ffd3523275ea72d
SHA1:    71b1fc0806f7fa67817c431a27fb1d818156a4cb
SHA256:  b6db16c82e545c18f35ea9115a89c7e1772657f9c51d66d46a64759ecd22e403

Updated Readme file

This is a virtual machine that runs Waltzremote (and a Roku remote too).
It is a minimal Debian x64 (Linux) image.
You can use VMWare or VirtualBox to run this. 

Userid:   wradmin             Userid:   root
Password: wrpass21            Password: rootpw 


VMWare: Download and install VMWare player or any flavor of VMWare Open and doublclick on the .vmx file in the "waltzremote-vmware" directory VirtualBox: Create a new virtual machine for Debian x64 and use the .vhdi file as the hard disk file. (use existing file, etc) This Virtual machine is configured with 1GB of memory but seems to work fine with 256MB. If you install it in VirtualBox instead of VMWare, or if your network is not working, try the command sudo ./make-network-work to configure the correct device name. Basic instructions are shown when you log in. Source for waltzremote is in /var/www/waltzremote. Note that is the directory used by the web server. The web server is apache2 with MariaDB and php7 Updates to system files (not waltzremote) can be made with: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Roku Remote:

A Roku remote is also is also included in this package. Access it at http://your-ip/roku/ Undocumented keys on Roku remote: / : Start typing in the text field to send text to Roku. \ : Start typing in TV channel field for fast channel switching. 1-9 : Select Roku device by number instead of using dropdown. w : Switch between DirecTV and Roku remotes. L or l : Lock and unlock screen to avoid accidental interaction. a : Volume up (Roku TV only) z : Volume down (Roku TV only) m : Mute (Roku TV only) If using roku TV and DirecTV together, volume controls a,z and M work in both remotes (note M is capital in waltzremote)