Roku control from your browser for MacOS and Linux

Control your ROKU from your browser

Not a Mac or Linux user? Roku supplies robust apps for Windows and mobile devices. This works on Windows too but the web page must be generated on Linux or a Mac.

Before you begin, you need:

   Mac or Linux terminal
   curl   or  wget
   xsltproc (optional but recommended)

Create the web page that controls your Roku

  1. From a Bash shell, Unzip to a directory
  2. OPTIONAL - Modify the IPRANGE and TARGET_DIR variables in the web page generator1. See instructions inside file rrku
  3. In the terminal (command line), run the command: chmod 755 rrku ; ./rrku

Thats it!...

You should now see the web page named rokupage.html (or .xml) you created in your web browser.

You can bookmark that page. You don't need to run rrku again unless you add, delete or reorder the channels on your Roku device.

1On MacOS, if Finder does not let you open it, turn off the execute bit (chmod -x rrku)

How to use this (tips that may not be obvious)

In case you are wondering why this can't be just run on my server, it is because web browser security does not allow my website to get the list of channels from your Roku device.


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Doug Nadel